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New Generation Xeon® Press Release

Tylersburg / Nehalem SolutionsSupermicro Revision K Version Chassis

To support Intel® Xeon® processor 5500/3500 series (Nehalem) based motherboards, Supermicro has developed the Revision K version chassis. The Revision K version chassis models are also compatible with previous generation Supermicro Intel and AMD motherboards and form a robust superset that will fulfill any customer need for server/workstation chassis.

Some important features and benefits of the Revision K version chassis are:

  • Diverse Mounting Hole Options
    Revision K version chassis have additional mounting holes to flexibly accommodate all generations of motherboards.
  • Power Distribution Expandability
    Revision K version chassis are designed with two 8-pin power connectors to accommodate all motherboard generations and allow for future expansion.
  • Air Shroud Flexibility
    The Revision K version chassis air shrouds are designed to accommodate any generation of Intel or AMD motherboard to match your customer's requirements.

Some new generation Intel® Xeon® based motherboards are also compatible with previous generation Supermicro chassis for optimum system density and maximum value.

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